Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Solution to Awkward Built-in Space

Here is a pic of the built-ins mid clean-out. You can see there is a weird space at the bottom that we think was originally used for a TV.
Here is it after being painted and fixed up. But that awkward spot was still a problem.
So we moved my grandparents' chest that had been in their bedroom into the space and it was a perfect fit! I added a couple of pillows (one obviously still needs to be sown, I just draped with fabric over it to give you the idea).
 Now it's a functioning space and even gives extra seating if needed.

Monday, February 4, 2013

More Pictures in the Den

In the last den post, I shared how we had started a frame wall.
Recently we finally added a top layer to finish out the grouping. I love how it turned out. I had also mentioned that the lighting would be added. There was not much room by the window so a Target floor lamp did the trick. The lamp on the left is a TJ Maxx find!
We also needed something over the recliner. This watercolor print of downtown Jackson, MS by Wyatt Waters was originally from a calendar I believe. At some point my grandparens had it signed. Jackson is where my mom grew up. He is a local Clinton artist, so there are several personal things attached to this picture.
 This is how the space looked without it.
Much better! The natural wood frame doesn't compete with the gold frames in the room.
A tip for "custom" framing without the cost: Pick out a frame from Hobby Lobby when they are 50% off. bring your print in and ask them to make a matte to fit both the picture and the frame (usually around $10). This frame was $24.99 so after 50% off the total was around $23! Compared to the over $100 price tag that usually comes with framing, this is a steal. I use this little trick for my clients a lot, and they always appreciate the savings!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Seeing Red

 We are continuing to make little changes around the house, and one thing that needed some love was the metal step stool that sits in the kitchen. Here is a look at how this space started.
 And here it was a few months ago. The stool was showing lots of wear and needed an update.
We decided to add some punches of red to the room for contrast. This took one can of Rustoleum's "safety red." It is a great red color that has just a tinge of orange.
 Mom found these cute hooks at a local store and hung some hand towels on them. Below is another quick look at the stool before it's makeover.

 Now he is much cheerier and fun to look at.