Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Den: Creative Drapes and Shelf Progress

The den is in a little state of chaos right now as you can see by these guys hard at work.  
We do have some new drapes in the room...and once again being on a budget, we needed a simple solution. These are painters' drop cloths. they are 6x9 and are $10 a piece at Home Depot. Two did the trick and we hung them with simple clip rings. They are the perfect look for the den, and just needed a little hemming. I also made some pillows for the new couch.
The shelves are also looking much better.
Here is a reminder of them before: Thos books on top were the oldest of Oma and Opa's Reader's digest collection (we only kept the top row which was the 50's-60's collection).
These books are really beautiful, and we are using them throughout the house for decorating.

This is the beginnings of staging the shelves. Still lots to add to them .

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