Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Guest Bedroom: Lots of Updates!

This room was really dark and dated before:After lots of work, it is now bright and cheery! We hung crisp white ceiling to floor drapery to give it some additional height. We also stuck with white for the bedding. I made some throw pillows to add some additional colors to the space and we went from there.
These were the original milk glass lamps in the space, they just needed a good cleaning and new shades! The headboard was spray painted which you can see HERE. The new mattresses are much taller than the old ones, so it is harder to see!
I used wooden frames from goodwill and painted them all the same white to make a grouping above the bed. I included some old pics of Oma and Opa as well as some of her sheet music. This was a great way to pay tribute to her many years playing piano both for the church and for her many piano students!
These are old magazines from the 30's that Oma had saved...we didn't know why but thought they must have been special and wanted to keep them. And why put them in a box somewhere when they have such perfect graphics for the room! I just used simple document frames for these.
Here is the re-finished dresser after some accessorizing with old books and pictures.
The other side of the room still has some boxes to go through, but it's looking much better.
These items on the vanity are just some old books and a metal box along with some old family pics and Oma's metronome.


  1. I see a beautiful room decorated with lots of love. What a wonderful job you did; although I have to tell you, even though the "before" room is not what probably 99% people would call "fashionable," there was something about it that struck a chord. It reminded me of my grandpa and grandma's house out in the country when I was a little girl, a long time ago (I'm 61). Well worn, well used and slightly shabby but immaculately clean, I slept in a bed very much like the one in your photographs with the headboard underneath a set of double windows in the front upstairs bedroom that overlooked the front lawn and two rows of stately trees marching down the gravel driveway to the road. I can't remember how many summers I spent in that room for weeks at a time, visiting our "country" relatives (we lived in the "big city"), laying in that bed listening to the sounds of the night rising up to those windows, and the curtains gently blowing against the back of the headboard. How often I fell to sleep to the sound of a distant train whistle and the occasional car passing along the two-lane "highway" at the end of the driveway. How I loved that place! You have paid tribute to your family's past with your thoughtful updating and redo. Congrats, and thanks for the trip down memory lane.

    1. Thank you, Jan!
      I agree, the "before" holds lots of sentimental value for me as I spent my childhood there! If it weren't for my parents needing to "start fresh" when moving in, I think it would have stayed like that forever!
      I appreciate you taking the time to read and share the story of your own grandparent's place!!