Thursday, August 16, 2012

Living Room: Pictures, Drapes and Details

Here is a reminder of where we started:

Here we are after lots of work. New white drapes and sheers, some accessorizing, and a few things still to do (sorry for the big chair blocking the pic).
The dining room is still a bit of a mess, but it's geting better. We are waiting on two upholstered dining chairs to sit on each end of the table.
We used old pictures of buildings in Amsterdam that were both from this house and my mom's to sit over the chairs.
Hopefully the dining room light fixture will be up soon!
Another reminder of where we started:
Pretty much the same angle. We still need some lamp shades and there are several other finishing touches left to do. We used the same side tables but painted them with the same color as the guest room dresser and gave them a little distressing as well. I also did this to the top of the coffee table.

I used some Reader's Digest books for accessorizing along with family pictures and antique pieces.

I had my friend Hillary painted this piece for the living room as a gift. I think it works perfectly in the space with my mom's buffet and some new lamps we found at Homegoods!

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