Sunday, August 19, 2012

Master Bedroom:Bedding and Small Updates

This is where we started:
Here is the same view with some updates. Most of the furniture is the same. The trunk moved under the window and there is new bedding. The dresser will probably get a new (maybe darker) coat of paint to give it a new look. There will also be matchstick blinds in all of the windows for privacy.
A new fan is going up too and more pillows will go behind the current shams to fluff up the bed a bit.
I made a new bolster pillow to bring some of the drapery color to the bed and shams to coordinate with the new coverlet.
The pretty prints to the left were a lucky goodwill find a few months ago before I knew what their purpose would be!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Guest Bedroom: Custom Pillow Details

The drapes in the dining and living room came with tie-backs that we weren't using. So I decided to use them to spruce up the pillows in the guest bedroom.
I sewed them to the end of each one.
Here they are in the room. I think they add a nice little custom touch to some basic pillow cases.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Kitchen: Out Of Sorts

I waited til with worst time to take pics of the kitchen. Unfortunately everything is covered for painting. But you can see the newly painted cabinets. And there is a really pretty pendant hanging under that cloth!
Also, the new microwave looks great in there!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Living Room: Pictures, Drapes and Details

Here is a reminder of where we started:

Here we are after lots of work. New white drapes and sheers, some accessorizing, and a few things still to do (sorry for the big chair blocking the pic).
The dining room is still a bit of a mess, but it's geting better. We are waiting on two upholstered dining chairs to sit on each end of the table.
We used old pictures of buildings in Amsterdam that were both from this house and my mom's to sit over the chairs.
Hopefully the dining room light fixture will be up soon!
Another reminder of where we started:
Pretty much the same angle. We still need some lamp shades and there are several other finishing touches left to do. We used the same side tables but painted them with the same color as the guest room dresser and gave them a little distressing as well. I also did this to the top of the coffee table.

I used some Reader's Digest books for accessorizing along with family pictures and antique pieces.

I had my friend Hillary painted this piece for the living room as a gift. I think it works perfectly in the space with my mom's buffet and some new lamps we found at Homegoods!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Den: Creative Drapes and Shelf Progress

The den is in a little state of chaos right now as you can see by these guys hard at work.  
We do have some new drapes in the room...and once again being on a budget, we needed a simple solution. These are painters' drop cloths. they are 6x9 and are $10 a piece at Home Depot. Two did the trick and we hung them with simple clip rings. They are the perfect look for the den, and just needed a little hemming. I also made some pillows for the new couch.
The shelves are also looking much better.
Here is a reminder of them before: Thos books on top were the oldest of Oma and Opa's Reader's digest collection (we only kept the top row which was the 50's-60's collection).
These books are really beautiful, and we are using them throughout the house for decorating.

This is the beginnings of staging the shelves. Still lots to add to them .

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Guest Bedroom: Lots of Updates!

This room was really dark and dated before:After lots of work, it is now bright and cheery! We hung crisp white ceiling to floor drapery to give it some additional height. We also stuck with white for the bedding. I made some throw pillows to add some additional colors to the space and we went from there.
These were the original milk glass lamps in the space, they just needed a good cleaning and new shades! The headboard was spray painted which you can see HERE. The new mattresses are much taller than the old ones, so it is harder to see!
I used wooden frames from goodwill and painted them all the same white to make a grouping above the bed. I included some old pics of Oma and Opa as well as some of her sheet music. This was a great way to pay tribute to her many years playing piano both for the church and for her many piano students!
These are old magazines from the 30's that Oma had saved...we didn't know why but thought they must have been special and wanted to keep them. And why put them in a box somewhere when they have such perfect graphics for the room! I just used simple document frames for these.
Here is the re-finished dresser after some accessorizing with old books and pictures.
The other side of the room still has some boxes to go through, but it's looking much better.
These items on the vanity are just some old books and a metal box along with some old family pics and Oma's metronome.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Bedroom 3/Man Cave: Oh Deer (and fish)

In case you forgot, here is where we started (after the furniture was cleared out). We used this room to store everything else in the house temporarily. It got a lot worse than this!!
Since this room will be my dad's "man cave" as he has dubbed it, we got started with some of the details. Obviously those window treatments will not stay.
There will be a couple of chairs in front of this wall and the cool trunk in the corner will be a side table. The small table will move to the opposite wall to house the TV and the tall cabinet will move between the windows. The carpet will come up and a new rug will go over the hardwoods underneath.
In case this wasn't enough animals for you, there's another deer behind me.
We have also worked on some things that will go on the right wall. My friend Hillary designed the picture on the left (how cool is that?) and Smokey the bear is actually my dad. In case it was hard to recognize him.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Living Room Couch: New Pillows!

Here is the couch where it sat for years. It looks pretty dated in this pic, but we knew this couch had already lasted forever, and is a quality piece. And since boldly upholstered couches are making a comeback, we figured we would work with what we had!
It already looks MUCH better with new paint and floors!
I worked on some pillows with fabric that I had/that we bought to update the look with coordinating colors.
The back is pretty firm so these will help soften it up a bit.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Bathrooms: Still In Progress

There is still some work to be done in the bathrooms. Here is the hall before:
Here it is currently: new paint/floors/sink. Also the mirror is being replaced and so is the light. Currently we have a challenge with the toilet not fitting! So stay tuned for more updates on that.
Here is the master before:
It is getting a new light and the mirror is getting a frame. It already has new countertops and the vanity has a fresh coat of paint along with the walls (just needs its doors). There is also a new floor in here!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Den: New Floors, Couch and Rug.

Just a reminder of where we left off in the den:
LOTS of changes since paint, crown molding, new hardwoods (there were none under this carpet), and also the beginnings of some furniture! This chocolate sectional was perfect for this space since the TV will sit on the opposite wall. The rug is from Ballard and is indoor/outdoor so will hold up well in this room that will get a lot of use!
It looks so much better already! There will soon be a pretty recliner to sit next to the couch as well as TV, drapery, and other touches!